Ridgefield Fire Department

Mutual Aid to Redding

Sunday, July 17, 2011  The RVFD responded mutual aid to the Town of Redding on Sunday July 17th.   

The midday blaze occurred at an empty house in the Georgetown section of town, which had burned late last year, authorities said.

The cause of the fire, which broke out Sunday about 12:30 p.m., remains undetermined, Georgetown Fire Marshal Joe Paola said Monday.

Authorities said that the investigation is being conducted by Redding and Georgetown officials and the state fire marshal.

The house at 6 Parsons Lane also caught fire on Christmas Eve, when firefighters rescued a woman trapped in an upstairs bedroom.

Units in service were Tanker 12, Rescue 7, and Cars 3 and 4.

The Big Dog offloading.  Photo: Rob Fish

The Big Dog offloading. Photo: Rob Fish

The Rescue 7 crew assembled and waiting for an assingment.  Photo: Rob Fish

The Rescue 7 crew assembled and waiting
      for an assingment. Photo: Rob Fish


Memorial Day 2011

The troops assembled prior to stepping off for this photo op.

The troops assembled prior to stepping
      off for this photo op.



It is with Deep Regrets the RVFD Announces the Passing of Member Mike McCarren

Monday, May 16, 2011  It is with the deepest of regrets that the Ridgefield Volunteer Fire Department announces the passing of member Mike McCarren.  Mr. McCarren was an 18 year member and currently a very active member of the Fire Police.

Mr. McCarren was a caring, genuine, and a dedicated family man leaving behind a wife, two sons, and 3 grandchildren.



Mutual Aid to Redding

Wednesday, March 30, 2011  Members of the RVFD responded mutual aid to the town of redding for a active strucuture fire. Upon arrival members were involved in both the interior operations and water shuttle operations.

Units operating were Engine 3, Tanker 12, and Car 3.

link below to The Redding Pilot article




RVFD Assists in Missing Persons Search

Thursday, January 13, 2011  The RVFD assisted the Ridgefield police department with a search for two missing girls. Two young girls went missing at around 4:30 on Tuesday January 11th. RVFD Rescue 7 and Car 4 along with Engine 1, Medic 1, and Car 1 responded to Nod West Drive to assist with the search and rescue. The department ATV was also used in the search.

RVFD responded at 8:00 pm and returned just short of midnight

The RFD was assisted by multiple agencies including WIlton PD, Westport FD, and USAR, a state run search and rescue agency.

The girls were found safe in Wilton at approximately 11:15pm



RVFD Elects Officers

Friday, January 7, 2011  The RVFD has elected officers and executive board members for 2011 as follows;

Line Officers

Chief - TIm Pambianchi

Asst Chief - Michael Gabbianelli

Captains - Ed Scala and Craig Dibble

Lieutenants - Bill Von Zehle and Brett Principe

Executive Board

President - Joe Barrett

Vice President - Phil Baumann

Financial Secretary - Karen Tappe

Recording Secretary - Steve Walsh

Treasurer - Ron Gutstein

Fire Commission (2 of 6 positions for a three year term) - Charlie Belardinelli and Andy Pambianchi



RFD Responds to Garbage Truck fire

Monday, January 3, 2011  At roughly 10am on Monday January 3, 2011 the RFD along with the RVFD were dispatched to 10 Woodstone Rd or Drive for a reported garbage truck fire. Car 3 arriving on scene first reported a working fire in the refuse portion of the truck.

Engine 1 laid in across Route 35 (which had to be closed) while taking a hydrant for a water supply and attacked the fire from the rear while a portion of the load was dumped onto the road. While fighting the fire at it's source, attention was also paid to the cab which was the only exposure.  

The fire was knocked down by 10:20, but firefighters remained on the scene until around 11:15, wetting down debris. They were hampered by ice on the road from all the water poured on the fire.

Photos by Kevin M Doyle



RVFD responds to Room and Contents Fire (General Alarm)

Monday, December 6, 2010 22:19 Monday December 6th at 10:19 at night the RVFD along with the RFD responded to a small room and contents fire on North Street. Fire was quickly knocked down, and a quick overhaul proved there was no extension. Units operating included Engine 3, Rescue 7, Tanker 12, Car 3, and Car 4 of the RVFD, and Engine 1, Engine 2, Medic 1, Car 1, Car 2, and Car 5 of the RFD.

The fIre is being investigated by the Fire Marshall



4 Car MVA RT 7 & Simpaug Turnpike

Saturday, November 27, 2010  Saturday November 27, 2010 the Ridgefield Fire Department @ approximately 14:20 hours was toned out for an MVA on RT 7 in the area of Simpaug Turnpike. Being that E2 and M1 were clearing from another multi car MVA near the Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop dispatch asked if E2 was free and to start heading in that direction and M2 was added to this assignment since M1 was transporting from the initial MVA.

With the RPD confirming a roll-over R7 was dispatched also and now it’s time to roll. Reaching RT 7 and finding only moderate back up I managed to reach Simpaug Turnpike and park in the turnout. Glancing north I see a Honda Odyssey minivan with moderate to heavy damage not knowing there are 3 passengers in it who would later be collared and boarded for transport in it. The major concern was that a full sized 4 x 4 pickup was on its side with a Toyota Prius wedged between the front of the pickup and the guard rail with a civilian lying on the ground covered and carefully being watched over by members of the RFD.    

With the situation civilian wise seeming under control and no major fluid spills speedy dry was applied to what was leaked and members starting sweeping debris from the center of the roadway. Now was the time of transporting all the injured. Along with the RFD and E2, M1, M2, & R7 mutual aid was provided by Georgetown ambulance, and the WRFD which sent along Rescue 5 and E1 & 3.

A fourth vehicle was involved but I have no information but it was reported 4 tow trucks were needed to clear the damaged vehicles and E2 & R7 stayed on scene in the event while clean up was performed their services were required.





Mutual Aid to town of Redding

Sunday, November 7, 2010  On Sunday November 7, 2010 the RFD (E1) along with the RVFD (T12) & (E3) along with car 1 and car 4 where dispatched to 65 Dorethy Lane which is Rt 107 for a working house fire.

Being that the house was down a 1/4 mile plus accessway then another few hundred feet to the actual house a tanker shuttle was deployed with tankers from Weston, Bethel, Redding, West Redding, Ridgefield, Georgetown, Wilton ferrying water to two ponds set up on Dorethy Road.

Heather Burford the Chief of the RFD requested our ATV to shuttle men and supplies due to the length of the accessway.

It was reported the fire may have started in the living room near the fire place but until the fire marshal does his investigation this is only reported news picked up at the scene.

The homeowners weren't hurt and neither were their pets which appeared to be dogs. By 10:30 the fire had been darkened down and appeared out although troops would remain on scene checking for hot spots.





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